Quad Display
5"/17"/19"/20" Rackmount Console
All-in-KVM & CAT5 KVM
Terminal/Serial Console
Single/Multi-user IP KVM
15"/17"/19"/20" LCD Console
Fully Modular Scalable KVM
Combo/CAT5 KVM
Modulized IP KVM Solutions
1U 17"/19" Sun Compatible Console
Support SUN Resolutions and keys
Unique 3-buttons Trackball/TouchPad Design
UR Series
GR Series
NR Series
URD Series
URE Series
Compatible with most major Servers
Custom configurations

The UR6042
UR Series rack provides an ideal equipment enclosure, environment, designed around universal standards, for the compatible mounting of both OEM manufactured servers.

Netview offers its users the largest available 4:3 ratio 20” Samsung grade A industrial TFT LCD panel providing an ultra high resolution of 1600 x 1200.
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